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Veronika Previte

Welcome to middle school



I am so GLAD you’re here.

Here’s a little bit about our Science Program.

High Island Middle School uses STEMscopes, an online science curriculum from Accelerate Learning, as our primary instructional resource. 

We use hands-on exploration and inquiry so that our students can “learn by doing” and be fully engage in the scientific process. Our students work hard throughout the year and thier Science STAAR scores prove it!

Physical Sciene 8th Grade focuses primarily on Chemistry, Laws of Force and Motion, Weather, Moon & Sun, EMS, and Interdependence in Living Things and impact of Human Activies.

The Life Sciences in 7th Grade focuses on Cell Structures, Body Systems & Reproduction, Classification of Organisms, Heredity & Genetics, Ecosystems & Diversity of Life, Watersheds & Weathering, and Space Exploration. 

Earth Science in 6th grade focuses on the introduction of Chemistry, Force & Motion, Energy Sources, Classification of Rocks & Minerals, Celestial Objects & Gravity, Space Exploration, and Orgaization & Interaction in an Environment. 


Let’s knock this year out of the park!




Veronika Previte

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