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Veronika Previte

Welcome to SCIENCE! 

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â–ºYour child will have their own UserID and Password. 


Dear Parents,

High Island Independent School District uses STEMscopes, an online science curriculum from Accelerate Learning, as our primary instructional resource for teaching science in grades 6th, 7th and 8th.

STEMscopes is built on an instructional philosophy that centers on students learning science through hands-on exploration and inquiry. Each lesson includes a series of investigations and activities to bring science to life for our students so that they can “learn by doing” and fully engage in the scientific process.

Google Classroom & STEMscopes

The Learning Platform we will be utilizing is Google Classroom. For those who are distance learning, we will use Google Classroom and Google Meets. 

Daily Expectations 

Each day All Science students (Distance or In-Person) will be logging onto Google Classroom Science and accessing the assignments posted on either Google Classroom or navigating onto STEMscopes for their assignments.

This serves as easy access for both student and parent to acquire the daily lessons and assignments for either those who are absent or those who are distance learning.

We will be utilizing the STEMscope curriculum, but integrating interactive notebooks and lessons using Google Slides or STEMscopes’ online assignments. 

I will be teaching the lessons in person and live video via Google Meets.  

Distance Learner Expectations

The distance learner will be expected to log into the Google Meets everyday during their assigned period.  

The student will engage in the activities during their scheduled class period.  This is to ensure the student has access to myself and engage with his/her classmates each day.

If the student has any questions, I will be available during my conference period or we can make arrangements at another time during the day. 

We are working very hard to make this a fun and fruitful year in Science.  I plan on keeping the communication doors wide open and encourage you to please let me know when or if you have challenges with any part of the learning process.


Let’s knock this year out of the park!


Best Regards,

Veronika Previte, BA, RDH

Middle School Science

High Island ISD

Veronika Previte

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