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Whitney Brockman

Inclusion Support/Diagnostician

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1:30-2:30 PM

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Educational History:

Hello! My name is Whitney Brockman. I have worked in many realms of special education. I have a passion for working with children with special needs. My college experience in teaching began when I received my teacher certification at Lamar State College Orange. After many years of teaching resource and life skills I went on to pursue my masters degree in special education at Angelo State University with an emphasis on being an educational diagnostician. I graduated from ASU in 2013 with my masters degree. 

Degrees and Certifications:

I have obtained the following certificates throughout my teaching career:

Generalist EC-4

Special Education EC-12

Educational Diagnostician EC-12

Current Position:

I joined the High Island ISD education team in the fall of 2017. The 2018-2019 school year will be my second year teaching/providing inclusion support and being an educational diagnostician at High Island ISD. This year will also be my 13th year teaching and working in special education. 

Previous Position:

As mentioned previously I have worked in many realms of special education. I have been an educational aide in a life skills classroom, taught resource, life skills, co-taught, provided inclusion support, and have been an educational diagnostician. I have a passion helping children who have difficulties learning. I challenge myself to find new ways to teach the materials, present the materials, and make learning fun. 

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1:30-2:30 PM