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Maria Skewis

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Science Course

10 .    Its fun to wear goggles

9 .     I don’t need to get all sweaty like in PE class

8 .     I’ve always wondered what the inside of a frog looks like

7.      Colleges and employers are impressed‚Äč with my transcript

6.      It’s OK when our lab experiments don’t turn out the way we expect; that’s part of learning

5.      It’s really funny when Ms. Skewis’s science demonstration don’t turn out the way she expects

4.      I still have trouble saying “ontogeny” and “phylogeny” but at least I know what they mean

3.      It’s ok to be a nerd because 10 years from now, the class nerds will have good jobs

2.      Science is a part of everything we do in modern life

1.      I have a science teacher who wants me to succeed


Science is the study of the world and how everything around us works.  Science is also a method and a way of learning.  Science involves the skills of observation, research, experimentation, measurement, prediction and problem solving.

IPC stands of Integrated Physics and Chemistry.  In this physical science course, students are introduced to the basics of scientific methods and how scientists do their work.  Students study forces and phenomenon such as gravity, motion, energy, heat and the composition of materials and substances.

Biology class provides students with an opportunity to learn more about living things and how they interact with each other and the environment.  Biology is a required class for all high school students and culminates with an End of Course STAAR exam.  After completing Biology, students may choose courses in Environmental Systems, Aquatic Science or Anatomy & Physiology as science electives.  Environmental Systems explores Earth’s ecosystems and the interdependence of living things.  Aquatic Science focuses on the biotic and abiotic factors in water based ecosystems.  Anatomy & Physiology or A&P is the study of the human body; students learn human body parts and functions.

Chemistry students explore how atoms combine and split to form compounds and energy.

Physics is the study of fundamental properties of the universe such as motion, matter, forces, energy, gravity, heat, light and sound.  






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